GlacialPower Launches 200mA DALI Power Supply - GP-DP004N-16V
GlacialPower Announces 2-in-1 LED Driver with Adjustable Current and Voltage íV GP-LC7028-Q5D
New Wall Mount LED Adapters from GlacialPower Offer Constant Current Up to 9W íV GP-LC Series
GlacialPower Announces Two New Wattage Drivers For 9V-57V Indoor LED Lighting(GP/RS26P/RS35P Series)
GlacialPower Announces Two New Wattage Drivers For 12V-57V Indoor LED Lighting(GP-RS45P/RS60P Series)
10.19 .2010
Overall we are very satisfied with GlacialPower AC090N adapter and do not encounter any problem with it; thanks to GlacialPower for producing such great product.
10.08 .2010
GlacialPower AC90N It's a great performer, with an efficiency rating higher than most laptop adapters will have, a very handy USB charging port, and most of all an incredibly small size.
09.03 .2010
The GlacialPower GP-AC100P-0S is a great universal power adapter that can be used with most of today's laptops.