GlacialPower Launches Constant Voltage 24W Driver Series, which has the advantages of high efficiency and small size

March 18, 2024 – Taipei, Taiwan - GlacialPower, the power division of the GlacialTech Inc, announces a new series of power drivers – 24W GP-CVP024N-xxV-P02 (IP66), making the entire GP-CVP plastic waterproof power supply product line from 12W, 24W, 36W, 60W, 100W to 150W series. All series of GlacialPower GP-CVP plastic case waterproof power supplies have at least IP66 rating and full range voltage input (90~264Vac).

The main applications of the GP-CVP024N-xxV-P02 constant voltage output series power supply include LED strips, light box, channel letters, neon lights and cabinet lights. GP-CVP024N-xxV-P02 has the features of short-circuit and over-current protections, the no-load power consumption is under 0.5W at 230VAC, and the power set-up time is under 0.5 seconds at full load. Operating temperature range from -30°C to 50°C (full load test)

The GP-CVP024N-xxV-P02 series power supply has three constant voltage outputs including 12V, 24V and 48V, which can meet the requirements of these three input constant voltage LED modules and light strips on the market. The GP-CVP024N-xxV-P02 power supply efficiency is 88%, which is higher than power supplies of the same level on the market. It generates relatively little ineffective heat, which is especially important when installed in a small space.

The size of GP-CVP024N-xxV-P02 is only 85 x 35 x 22mm, which is significantly smaller than power supplies of the same power level on the market, so it has a wider range of installation applications. A small power supply is more important for installation in an LED light box. Whether the LED power supply is installed in the middle of the light box or at any other location, a small power supply has less impact on the light refraction inside the light box, so the light emission from the surface of the light box is relatively small. Uniform, smaller and less obvious shadow areas.

Universal AC Input Range 90 ~ 264VAC.
Constant Voltage mode.
Protections: OCP / SCP.
Surge protection with 2KV.
High Efficiency up to 88 %.
Fully Insulated Plastic Case.
No-load power consumption < 0.5W at 230VAC.
Set up time < 0.5S at 230VAC.
Suitable for LED strips, light box, channel letters, neon lights and cabinet lights applications.
Compact size suitable for installation in light box.
Model No. GP-CVP024N-12V-P02 GP- CVP024N -24V-P02 GP- CVP024N -48V-P02
Output DC Voltage 12V 24V 48V
Rated Current 0~2A 0~1A 0~0.5A
Rated Power 24W 24W 24W
Ripple &Noise (Max.) 240mV 280mV 320mV
Efficiency at 230VAC (Typ.) 88% 88% 88%
Voltage Tolerance ± 5% ± 5% ± 5%
Set up time (Max.) ≦0.5S at 230VAC, full load.
Input Rated Voltage 100 ~ 240VAC  141~340VDC
Voltage Range 90 ~ 264VAC
Frequency Range 47 Hz ~ 63 Hz
AC Current (Max.) 0.48A at 115VAC / 0.30A at 230VAC
Inrush Current (Typ.) Cold Start 50A (Td=250us measured at 50% Ipeak) at 230VAC
Max. Number of PSUs
on Circuit Breaker
B type : 6 units (10A) / 10 units (16A) / 16 units (25A),  
C type : 11 units (10A) / 17 units (16A) / 27 units (25A),  
D type : 26 units (16A) / 41 units (25A) at 230VAC
Leakage Current <1mA@230VAC
No-load power consumption < 0.5W at 230VAC (0.2W Typ.)
Protections Over Current 2.2A~3A 1.1A~1.5A 0.55A~0.75A
Type: Hiccup mode (Auto recover after fault condition disappeared).
Short Circuit Type: Hiccup mode (Auto recover after fault condition disappeared).
Others MTBF 50K hours min.   MIL-HDBK-217F(50°C)
Dimension(L x W x H) 85 x 35 x 22mm;  115 g/pcs
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