GlacialPower Launches GP-CVM600P 600W LED Constant Voltage Drivers Which Support 3-in-1 and DALI-2 Dimming functions
April 10, 2023 - Taipei, Taiwan - GlacialPower, the power division of the LED technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc, announces the GP-CVM600P constant voltage LED driver series, including non-dimming, 3-in-1 and DALI-2 dimming versions. The DC output voltages include 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V and 54V. All of these five DC outputs have non-dimming, 3-in-1 and DALI-2 dimming options. There are 15 models in the GP-CVM600P series. The rated power of 12V output is 480W, all other output voltage models have 600W rated power. GP-CVM600P series operate AC input range from 90 to 305VAC, standard operation temperature ranges start from -40°C to +50°C (Refer to output load derating curve) The market applications focus on LED strips, illuminated signage, light boxes, LED neon flex, aluminum profile and 48V magnetic track lights.

GP-CVM600P is designed with active PFC, at full load the PFC which greater than 0.98(115VAC) and more than 0.95(230VAC). Inrush current (Typ.) at cold start is 55A (Td=2020us measured at 50% Ipeak) at 230VAC. Power output high efficiency are 12V(92.5%), 24V(95%), 36V(95.5%), 48V(96%) and 54V(96%). Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) less than 10% at 230VAC, full load.

The GP-CVM600P series feature a fully isolated metal housing with aluminum material; it comes in an IP67-rated dust and waterproof enclosure suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. The GP-CVM600P series get the MM furniture application approval. The output and dimming lines are totally compliant with the new regulations with isolation to ensure the safety during installation. The new series include the over current protection (OCP), short circuit protection (SCP), over temperature protection (OTP) and over voltage protection (OVP). These features protect the LED driver and lighting fixture to ensure a long lifespan.

GP-CVM600P has the innovative designs that make it stand out in the market, especially the following two features.
1) According to ERP regulation, the no-load and standby power consumptions need less than 0.5W at 230VAC. It is not easily to meet this ERP regulation especially at high power LED drivers (eg. 600W). GP-CVM600P designs an auto detect circuit, the whole GP-CVM600P series can permanently connected to the mains, the no-load and standby power consumptions can less than 0.5W (230VAC). GP-CVM600P does not need remote off by manually, it is automatically detect to meet this ERP requirement.

2) Lightweight driver. The weight of GP-CVM600P series is only about 2.5 Kgw, compare with the other 600W LED drivers (90~305VAC) at the market ranges from 3.3 to 4.0 Kgw. GlacialPower GP-CVM series drivers are designed with slim height aluminum case, it can save unnecessary space and extra weight, the inside heat can be transmitted to the case instantly. There are a lot of aluminum fins provide enough surface to dissipate the heat into the surrounding air. The distance among fins and height of fins are optimized through thermal simulation based on the key heat component’s sources. Such unique design bring the benefits not only less weight and save transportation cost, but also the most important to decrease inside temperature and enhance the electronic component’s life time.
Universal AC Input Range 90 ~ 305VAC.
Constant Voltage mode.
Active PFC design.
Protections: OVP / OCP / SCP / OTP.
High Efficiency up to 96%
Surge protection with 4KV/2KV
No-load power consumption < 0.5W at 230VAC (for non-dimming models).
Standby Power consumption < 0.5W at 230VAC (for dimming models).
Suitable for LED strips and Moving Sign applications.
3-in-1 dimming (dim-to-off) and DALI-2 functions available.
Fully Insulated Case with IP67 rated.
Cooling by Free Air Convection (Metal Housing)
The output and dimming lines are compliant with the new regulations with isolation.
Model No. GP-CVM600P-12V(X) GP-CVM600P-24V(X) GP-CVM600P-36V(X) GP-CVM600P-48V(X) GP-CVM600P-54V(X)
Output DC Voltage 12V 24V 36V 48V 54V
Rated Current 0~40A 0~25A 0~16.66A 0~12.5A 0~11.1A
Rated Power 480W 600W 599.76W 600W 599.4W
Ripple &Noise (Max.) 150mV 150mV 250mV 250mV 350mV
Efficiency at 230VAC (Typ.) 92.5% 95% 95.5% 96% 96%
Voltage Tolerance ± 5% ± 5% ± 5% ± 5% ± 5%
PWM Dimming (optional) > 1600 Hz (for dimmable version)
Set up time (Max.) 0.5s / 230VAC, 1s / 115VAC, at full load.
0.7s / 230VAC for DALI-2 version
Input Rated Voltage 100 ~ 277VAC  141~392VDC
Voltage Range 90 ~ 305VAC
Frequency Range 47 Hz ~ 63 Hz
AC Current (Typ.) 6.4A at 115VAC / 3.2A at 230VAC , 5.2A at 115VAC / 2.6A at 230VAC only for 12V(X)
Power Factor >0.98 at 115VAC / >0.95 at 230VAC at full load. PF≧0.9 at 70% load
Total Harmonic Distortion THD < 10% at 230VAC, full load.
Inrush Current (Typ.) Cold Start 55A (Td=2020us measured at 50% Ipeak) at 230VAC
Max. Number of PSUs on
Circuit Breaker
B type : 1 unit (16A) / 2 unit (25A),  
C type : 1 unit (10A) / 2 units (16A) / 3 units (25A),  
D type : 4 units (16A) / 6 units (25A) at 230VAC
Leakage Current <1mA / 240VAC
Protections Over Current 105~180% rated current.
Type: Hiccup mode (Auto recover after fault condition disappeared).
Short Circuit Type: Hiccup mode (Auto recover after fault condition disappeared).
Over Voltage 13~19V 26~38V 38V~50V 50V~65V 56~70V
Type: Latch at full load
Over Temperature Tcase: 95°C ± 10°C
Type: Shut down output, recovers automatically after temperature goes down.
Others MTBF 120K hours min.   MIL-HDBK-217F(25°C)
(L x W x H)
300 x 138 x 47mm;  2450g/pcs
Read more information about the GP-CVM600P series, please visit: (Non DIM) (3-in-1 DIM) (DALI-2 DIM)
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