Discontinued Products/ Battery Charger
 12V Battery Charger   CZ1206 Series
Size : 200 x 90 x 44.8 mm (L x W x H)
Approvals :
Features :
  Smart 6 charge steps
  Reviving battery to extend battery lifecycle
  Wide charging voltage for missing used battery
  No Spark during DC clamps connecting
  Low ripple current
  Protections: SCP / OVP / OTP / Battery Reverse
  No Fan with Thermal Protection.
Specifications :
Model No. CZ1206-    :P=with PFC ,N=without PFC :E=EU
AC plug,U=US AC plug,K=UK AC plug ,A=Australia AC plug.
Output Charge Voltage 14.4Vdc+/-2% @ normal mode
13.7Vdc+/-2% @ floating mode
14.7Vdc+/-2% @ snow mode (when temperature under 0 °C
and AGM batteries use only)
Charge Current Range 0.8A~1.2A@ Motorcycle mode Selection by mode switch.
3.7A ~4.3A@ Car mode Selection by mode switch.
5.5A~6.2A@ Truck/Van mode Selection by mode switch.
Rated Maximum Power 88W
Ripple & Noise (max) 200mV
Efficiency 81%
Battery Draining Current <0.2mA
Voltage Tolerance ±2%
6 Charge steps Step1 Desulphation:Desulphation will pulse and revive sulphated batteries.
Step2 Soft start:the charging current is limited for checking the situation and features of batteries.
Step3 Bulk:main charging step provides most of current to speed up the charging.
Step4 Absorption:terminal voltage maintains at original level and current drops after battery charged full.
Step5 Analysis:charger tests the charging situation of charged batteries.
Step6 Float:maintains a charged battery.
Input Input Voltage range 90~130 (US type), 170V~260V(EU type)
Input frequency range 47~63Hz
Input current rating 2.4A@110VAC / 1.2A@230VAC
Power Factor Correction PFC >0.95.(Optional)
Leakage Current <1mA / 240 Vac
Protections Polarity Reverse YES.(NO Charge till fault has removed)
Disconnect YES.(NO Charge and sparks when clips disconnect or short)
Over Temperature Charger recovers aotomatically after fault condition has removed.
Short Circuit YES.(NO Charge till fault has removed)
Wrong Battery Protection YES.(No Charge When Vbat<2v or Vbat>15.5v)
Environment Operating Temperature -20~50°C .Output power is reduced automatically at higher temperature.
Operating Humidity 10~95% RH.
Vibration 10~500HZ,2G/P-P,3 axes,15min sweep without malfunction.
Shock 20G/Package
LED Status Indicator Snow LED Sign LED On:Charge voltage 14.7vdc / LED Off:Normal Charge voltage 14.4vdc.(Green LED)
Mode LED Sign Selection by mode switch for Choice Motorcycle/Car/Truck charging mode(Green LED)
Charging LED Sign LED Off:standby / LED Flash:charging / LED On: battery has charged full.(Blue LED)
Fault LED Sign LED Off:Charger ok / LED On:Charger bad or Battery bad / LED Flash:Battery weak(Red LED)
Safety & EMC Safety Standards Meet EN60335-2-29/UL1236/Gost
Withstand Voltage Meet I/P - O/P: 3 K VAC I/P - FG: 1.5KVAC O/P - FG: 0.5KVAC
Isolation Resistance Meet 100M ohms / 500VDC at 25°C.
EMI Conduction & Radiation CISPR22 class B ; FCC part 15 class B
Harmonic Current EN61000-3-2,-3
EMS Immunity EN55014-4-2
Others MTBF 210k hours min.MIL-HDBK-217F(25°C )
Type of batteries All types of Lead-Acid Batteries.(Wet.MF.AGM.GEL)
Battery Capacity 3~150Ah,maximum maintenance.200Ah.
Dimension(L*W*H) 200*90*44.8 mm
Packing(L*W*H)/Carton 542*342*203mm / 12 PCS
Weight 0.8KG/PCS N.W: 13.5KG/Carton
Remark 1. All specification measured at nominal(120/230) Vac input and 25 °C ambient .
Mechanical Mounting :