GlacialPower Announces a Series of Compact LED Drivers
Four New Tiny LED Drivers with High Power Efficiency
9 August, 2012, Taipei, Taiwan GlacialPower a sub-division of the experienced technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc., is pleased to announce compact GlacialPower LED drivers with high power efficiency GP-LS50PH-142C, GP-LS70PH-100C , GP-LS100PH-142C and GP-LS100PH-71C.

With the compact dimensions of 177 x 57 x 37mm (LxWxH), these 4 LED drivers make LED lighting installations even easier compared to bulkier drivers. Even while being small, this series has a high power conversion efficiency rate of 91% ensuring low power consumption.

These four fully integrated AC/DC LED driver micro-modules incorporate the active PFC circuitry to deliver up to 99.4W of power to the LED with a high power factor. With the current trend for higher output voltage requirements, due to more and more applications using LEDs in a series, this series provides output voltage up to 142V DC.

GlacialPower's R&D team has developed the LED driver to eliminate the need for an electronic transformer, aiming to provide more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED products. GlacialPower's LED driver technology is expected to lead a new trend in innovation and become an essential feature for all LED lighting products.
Universal AC input 90 ~ 305V AC
High Efficiency up to 91%
High Output voltage
Constant Current Operation
Built in Active PFC Function
Protection: OVP/ STP/ OTP
IP67 Design
Suitable for LED Strip
Cooling by Fresh Air Convection
Compact Size
Model No. GP-LS50PH-142C GP-LS70PH-100C GP-LS100PH-142C GP-LS100PH-71C
Output Rated Voltage 142V 100V 142V 71V
Constant Current Region 100~142V 50~100V 100~142V 50~71V
Rated Current 350mA 700mA 700mA 1400mA
Current Tolerance ±5%
Rated Power 49.7W 70W 99.4W 99.4W
Ripple&Noise(Max.) 700mV 700mV 1000mV 500mV
Efficiency at 230Vac(Typ.) 89% 90% 91% 91%
Set up Voltage -1%~5% -1%~5% -1%~5% -1%~5%
Set up time (Max.) 2000ms / 240 V AC at full load.
Input Rated Voltage 100 ~ 277 V AC
Voltage Range 90 ~ 305V AC / 127 ~ 431VDC
Frequency Range 47 Hz ~ 63 Hz
AC Current (Max.) 1.2A at 120V AC / 0.6A at 240V AC
Power Factor ≧ 0.98 at 120 V AC / ≧ 0.94 at 240V AC at full load, PF ≧ 0.9 at 70% load
Inrush Current (Max.) COLD START 50A at 240 V AC
Leakage Current <0.75mA / 230 V AC
Benefits of LED lighting compared to traditional lighting
Directional lighting: ideal for flashlights/torches and spotlights
No warm-up time in cold environments: LEDs need no warm-up time, unlike conventional CFLs
No harmful radiation or hazardous metals: LEDs don't emit harmful radiation, unlike ultraviolet or infrared emitting
  halogen lamps; and they don't contain hazardous metals like mercury, which is found in mercury lamps
Extremely long lifetimes free users from frequent bulb replacement costs
Extremely small carbon footprint: an environmentally-friendly technology