GlacialTech Launches a Unique Series of GP-battery-charger-FA1210, FA2407&FA2407S  
18 th October, 2011 Taipei, Taiwan : GlacialTech Inc. , a diversified provider of CPU coolers, power supplies, LED products etc. for industrial and commercial realms , introduces a distinctive series of GP - battery chargers – FA1210 (12V/ 10A ) , FA2407 (24V/ 7A ) and FA2407S (12V/ 7A & 24V/ 7A ) respectively charge different capacity of battery. In addition to built-in charger function, these also provide Power supply mode for all electronic products in the car . GP- battery charger is a portable battery charger that provides easy to carry anywhere. GP- battery charger can revive for deep discharge battery when charger select boost mode as well. Also, the special design detects the battery capacity when there is NO input ac power and it has wide charging voltage (2V-15V) for dead battery and thus extend a longer lifetime compared to similar products on the market. (AC plug and etc….)

The GP - battery chargers – FA1210, FA2407 and FA2407S incorporate an intelligent microcontroller to monitor and supervise the whole charging process. The charging time is well controlled to prevent batteries from overcharging and overheating. The most attractive part is these small-size and light-weight GP - battery chargers – FA1210, FA2407 and FA2407S are very easy to carry.
Unique features
No spark when DC clamps ( Output clamps ) is connected.
Using “Desulphation stages” charge the battery extended battery lifecycle.
Wide charging voltage (2V-15V) for deep discharge battery and dead battery.
Microprocessor-controlled, smart 8 charging stages.
The versatile of charging modes and three selections of charging current ( 2A / 5A / 10A for FA1210).
Power supply mode for electronic products.
To detect battery capacity when NO input ac power.
Various output clamps for choosing.
Protect functions:OVP/SCP/OTP/Polarity reverse protection/Wrong battery protection.
FA2407S automatic select operation for different type 12V / 24V battery.
Model Number GP-FA1210 GP-FA24 07
Input Voltage Range 100 ~ 240V AC 100 ~ 240V AC
Frequency Range 47 ~ 63 Hz 47 ~ 63 Hz
Rated Current 3.5A 3A
Charging Voltage 18Vdc +/-2% @ Boost mode
14. 9 Vdc +/-2% @ Normal mode
15. 5 Vdc +/-2% @ Snow mode (when temperature under 0°C and AGM batteries use only)
3 1.8 Vdc +/-2% @ Boost mode
2 9.4 Vdc +/-2% @ Normal mode
30 Vdc +/-2% @ Snow mode (when temperature under 0°C and AGM batteries use only)
Charging Current 2A / 5A / 10A by optional 2A / 4A / 7A by optional
Rated Power 150W 200W
Type of batteries Lead-Acid Batteries
Dimensions 190 x 116 x 61.8mm
Weight 890g 930g
Prevailing over conventional battery chargers with relatively simple circuitry and rough functions, all the hi-tech FA1210, FA2407 and FA2407S battery chargers incorporate an intelligent and versatile microcontroller to detect the battery disconnection, coordinate and dominate the whole charging process as well as control the charging time, enabling you to enjoy a smarter, faster, and safer battery-charging process.