GlacialTech announces their HS10P / HS15P series & HS25P series LED drivers  
The LED driver HS10P / HS15P series & HS25P series offers optimized performance and functions for industrial power supplies for industrial equipments.

11 th October, 2011 Taipei, Taiwan : GlacialTech Inc. , an eco-friendly solution provider of cost-effective cooling, power, LED products, etc. for industrial and commercial applications, is going to launch two new series of lower wattage LED Drivers with PFC: HS10P / HS15P(12W/15W) series & HS25P(25W) series. The HS10P series is built-in Constant current and HS15P & HS25P are built-in constant current and constant voltage. And these new models provide built-in safety features, give protection of: OTP / SCP / OLP for HS10P / HS15P series including Universal AC Input 90~264Vac & Protections: OVP / SCP / OTP for HS25P series including Universal AC Input 90~277Vac. Other features include, the device occupies very less space since it is designed in small size for PFC and thinner size for occupying narrow space. Also it is designed in a fully Isolated Plastic Case.

The new models can reach IP65 waterproof / dustproof level with glue which are suitable for outdoor or indoor application. These can be operated with full load at -20°C~ 60°C. In addition, these new models comply with UL safety class 2 which provide more convenient application for lighting system .These also apply for global certificates per CE/FCC.
HS10P / HS15P series
  For High Brightness Light-Emitting Diode Products
  Universal AC Input 90~264Vac
  Fully Isolated Plastic Case
  Built-in Constant Current Or Constant Voltage Design
  Full Output Power From -20°C to 60°C
  Protections: OTP / SCP / OLP
  Class II Power Design Without Earth Pin
  IP65 Class
  Small Size Design For PFC
  Output Low Ripple Current
  Safety CE、FCC

HS25P series
  Built-in Constant Current design
  Universal AC input 90~277Vac
  For High Brightness Light-Emitting Diode products
  Fully isolated plastic case
  Protections: OVP / SCP / OTP
  Operation from -20°C~60°C full load
  Class II Power Design Without Earth Pin
  IP65 Class
  Thinner size for narrow space

This power supply control technique has already been used by GlacialTech previously and introduced LED drivers which are designed by GlacialTech broad customer base of industrial designers and manufacturers.