Press Release
Press Release
GlacialTech Announces Eye-Catching AC090N, a Slim Type Notebook Adaptor
8th September, 2010, Taipei, Taiwan–GlacialTech Inc., an eco-friendly solution provider of cost-effective cooling, power, LED products, etc. for industrial and commercial applications, is going to catch your eye with a slim type GlacialPower-branded notebook adapter AC090N that doubles as a battery charger for 3C devices.

On the side of the diminutive AC090N is a 5V/1A USB port, allowing you to charge batteries of 3C devices such as music players, mobile phones, etc. while running your laptop. Therefore, it's another battery charger that goes with the power adaptor AC090N. This slim & portable adaptor AC090N is compatible with most of the laptops worldwide, and 2 years warranty is the most valuable promise GlacialTech makes to you.

This AC090N adaptor characterizes a high power efficiency above 88%, a maximum peak output power of 90W, a universal AC input voltage of 100-240Vac, RoHS compliance and safety approvals including UL, CE, TUV, etc. as well as robust protections against short-circuit, over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature, qualifying it for a small-but-complete power adaptor indispensable to many applications.

This AC090N adaptor is designed with 8 levels of adjustable output voltages and equipped with 10 pieces of selectable output connectors, making it compatible with a multitude of the notebooks or laptops that feed on different input voltages or match with different input connectors. Also available is a 5V/1A USB output port that extends the AC090N power adaptor to a handy battery charger for a variety of 3C devices.

The “Three Principles of Performance: High Quality, High Reliability, and Low Price” is the fundamental philosophy consistently adhered to by GlacialPower, a member in the GlacialTech family, as its core value in the competitive market. Based on this simple-but-important creed, GlacialPower is committed to the continuous research and development of cost-effective, eco-friendly power products that satisfy the requirements of its customers.

● Slim & Portable -Compatible with most of laptops
● 8-level output voltage selectable for your laptop
● 5V/1A USB port to charge 3C devices
● Protections: SCP/OVP/OCP/OTP
● Power efficiency > 88%
● Multiple output plugs to convert various DC plugs
● RoHS compliance and 2 years warranty
● Maximum peak output power 90W

Specifications :
Model AC090N-0S (Indoor use)
AC Input Voltage/Current/Frequency 100-240VAC/1.5A max./47-63Hz
DC Output Voltage(Selectable) 12V 15V 16V 18.5V 19V 19.5V 20V 24V
DC Output Current 4.5A 4.33A 4.06A 3.51A 3.42A 3.33A 3.25A 2.71A
USB Port Voltage/Current 5V / 1A
Power efficiency > 88%
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40°C
Operating Humidity 5 ~ 95%
Output Plug Type DC output plug set: multiple output plugs to convert various
DC plugs
Dimension / Weight 104.2 × 57.3 × 17.1 mm / 0.2kg
Warranty 2 years
DC Output Plug Set
Types Size Supports Remark
A 4.75x1.7x9.5 mm Acer,Asus,Clevo,Compaq,HP  
B 5.5x2.1x12 mm Acer,Compaq,Gateway,Hitachi,IBM,NEC,Sharp,
C 5.5x2.5x12 mm Acer,Asus,Clevo,Compaq,Fujitsu,Gateway,Hitachi,HP,IBM,NEC,
D 6.3x3.0x12 mm Acer,Asus,Compaq,HP,Toshiba  
E 6.5x1.4x9.5 mm Sony,Panasonic,Samsung,Fujitsu  
G 7.9xP0.9x12 mm Dell  
H 7.4x5.1x0.6x12 mm HP  
I 7.4x5.1x0.6x12 mm Dell Optional
J 5.5x1.7x12 mm Acer Optional

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