GlacialPower Launches 200mA DALI Power Supply - GP-DP004N-16V

Powers up to 64 DALI devices with universal AC input

September 3, 2014 - Taipei, Taiwan - GlacialPower, a division of Taiwanese technology manufacturer GlacialTech, today announces the newest addition to its DALI product lineup -- the GP-DP004N-16V. A DALI power supply outputting 200mA, the GP-DP004N is enough for a full 64 device DALI network. Compatible with DALI standard IEC62386, the GP-DP004N-16V takes universal AC input from 100V to 240V to provide constant voltage at 16V. With over-current and short-circuit protection, users are ensured safe power.

Full Power
The GP-DP004N-16V provides 200mA power to the DALI bus. DALI is the newest standardized lighting control system offering fine control, better lighting efficiency, logarithmic dimming, and simplified topology for lighting networks. A DALI network can have up to 64 independent devices, organized by up to 16 groups. Each DALI network needs bus power and the GP-DP004N-16V supplies this need with 200mA of current at 16V, enough to power a full DALI network (128mA) and have current left over to power DALI devices without integrated power supplies.

DALI Standard
As an established global standard, DALI products are intercompatible with each other, making installing lighting control systems easy. The GP-DP004N-16V is compatible with GlacialLight and other brands' DALI devices such as the GL-DA02 DALI Converter which interfaces analog 1-10V LED drivers to a digital DALI network. The DALI system powered by GP-DP004N-16V can run up to the maximum 300m of wiring in the network without dropping more than 2V on a single line.

Universal AC input 100–240 V AC
Constant Voltage Operation.
Suitable for DALI bus application.
Protections: OCP / SCP.
Compatible with DALI standard IEC62386.
Model No.
Output DC Voltage 16V
Voltage Tolerance ±15%
DC Voltage Range 13.6 ~ 18.4V
Rated Current 200mA
Current Tolerance 200mA+20% / -10%
DC Current Range 180 ~ 240mA
Rated Power 3.2W
Ripple & Noise (Max.) 150mV 
Efficiency at 230V AC(Typ.) 68%
Set up time (Max.) 115V AC : < 1S
230V AC : < 0.5S
Input Rated Voltage 100 ~ 240V AC
Voltage Range 90 ~ 264V AC
Frequency Range 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz
AC Current (Max.) 0.11A at 115V AC
Inrush Current (Max.) 21A at 115V AC / 42A at 230V AC 
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