GlacialPower Announces Two New DC input LED Drivers: the GP-LD Series for 12V and 24V DC input devices
Designed to be used in a variety of applications such as vessels or vehicles and includes the ability to accept Solar Panel power

09 May, 2013, Taipei, Taiwan – GlacialPower, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., is pleased to announce two new GlacialPower LED drivers for variable voltage LED lights – GP-LD10-30C and GP-LD15-24C.

The GP-LD10-30C and GP-LD15-24C are multi-use scenario LED drivers fit for a wide range of implementations. They can be used on vessels or vehicles and with power sources with fluctuating voltage. They have been designed to work well with solar panels for LED luminance. Included are many power and environmental ruggedness features to ensure maximum safety.

Both drivers have been designed built-in constant current design with buck-boost topology, and a variety of safety cut off features to withstand the harshest ripple in the supplied power. An integral component is the low voltage protector. If the input voltage is lower than the UVLO protection point, below the operational value, the device will shut down automatically thus saving the connected lights. Standard Short-Circuit Protection and Over Voltage Protection are also included.

They both have auto input voltage detectors. This ensures driver safety as it can detect 12 or 24V input. Reverse Protection is included to prevent accidentally connecting the power lines in reverse from damaging the driver by automatically disconnecting the current. The highly secure and rugged IP65 design exterior insures no ingress of dust and water as well as complete protection against contact. It also ruggedly operates at a wide variation in temperature, from -20 to 40 °C.

Universal DC input 11-15 V DC and 22-30V DC.
Built-in constant current design.
Operation temperature from -20°C ~40°C at full load.
High power conversion efficiency >84% at 12/24V DC.
IP65 Approved.
      Short-Circuit Protection (SCP)
      Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
      Undervoltage-Lockout (UVLO)
      Reverse Voltage Protection

Model No.




DC Output Current



LED Operation Voltage

16 - 31V

16 - 25V

Rated Power




Voltage Range

11-15V DC / 22-30V DC

11-15V DC / 22-30V DC

DC Current (Max.)

1.6A at 11V DC
0.8A at 22V DC

2.6A at 11V DC
1.3A at 22V DC

Efficiency (TYP.)

>84% at 12/24V DC

>84% at 12/24V DC

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